Saturday, 15 December 2012

My 20th Post !

For my 20th post, I would like to share my favourite video part ever. This title belongs to no one else but to Mr. Eric Koston from the 2003 Girl video, Yeah Right. Undoubtedly the best street skateboarder ever in my opinion. I must have seen this part at least 200 times as I was growing up. Watch the video below and see why Koston holds this spot.

DC Asia Pacific (APAC): Tommy Fynn

DC Shoes just formed a new skate team including skater from Asia Pacific. Their first skater to be announced on the media is Tommy Fynn. His welcome clip shows magnificent skateboarding, performing his tricks with great style. Check it out.

Morgan Smith: Small Wheels

This week, Toronto's own Morgan Smith released his own wheels for Small Wheels. Personally my favourite skater, Morgan shows off some of his amazing technical skills at their park for their video release of his professional model wheels. View the video below.

Nyjah Huston's Last Call

Professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston, released some clips through Thrasher Magazine few weeks ago. All of this was filmed in only a couple of weeks. Watch this video and see why this kid has been winning all the contests lately.

ONE AM: Mike Davis Full Part

Last week the RIDEChannel released a full part for Amateur skateboarder Mike Davis. This kid from Portland is very enjoyable to watch and has a great style. Check out his part below.

The Berrics : New Park Session

The Berrics is a very popular skateboarding website worldwide. This site was created by two professional skateboarders, Eric Koston and Steve Berra. Currently they moved to a new location and designed a brand new park. Check out their first session that went down.

Thrasher Magazine's 2012 Skater of the Year

The most anticipated moment in skateboarding. Definitely a hard decision to make from all the amazing skateboarding thats happened this year. Allow Phelps to explain why this particular skater was chosen.